A Wonderful Gift

PETER CLOSE, a very gifted sculptor, has generously donated a bust of Douglas Bader to the Douglas Bader Foundation. With Peter’s blessing, we will use the bust to raise funds for the charity at a future dedicated fund-raising auction and are deeply grateful to him for this wonderful opportunity.

Peter Close Bader bust Peter, who works from  his studio in Somerset, has been a sculptor for many years and has the accolade of having exhibited at the prestigious Royal West of England Academy. Initially working on animal pieces and creating sculptures for Greenpeace and the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, Peter’s personal love of aviation and military history led him to the creation of a series of portrait busts of famous and inspirational military and aviation personalities and it is one of these fine pieces that he has so kindly donated to the Foundation.

When making a portrait, I think it is very important to capture the essence of their personality as well as a good physical likeness

We think he has succeeded absolutely in this stunning sculpture. He has managed to capture not just the strength of character and determination that most people would immediately associate with Sir Douglas, but also his sensitivity and sense of humour. As he said, this is a man who experienced extraordinary physical pain and survived a brush with death closer than most. Those things are bound to leave their mark on a person.Peter Close Bader bust 2

We will publicise the auction once we have details so watch this space.

In the meantime you can see more of Peter’s work by visiting his Websites:



Our grateful thanks to you, Peter. We intend to do your generous gesture proud!

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