BADER BUS COMPANY Still Running 30 Years On!

Bader Bus Company


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Sir Douglas died in September 1982 and, following literally sackfulls of letters from amputees and other disabled he’d visited and inspired over the years, begging his family not to let his inspiration die with him, the Douglas Bader Foundation was launched on 1st November 1982.

The charity’s initial remit was to help amputees but, over the years, we have broadened that to be able to include other disabled. We felt that this was particularly important as the BADER BRAVES initiative, celebrating Sir Douglas Bader’s honourary Chieftainship of the Kanai Canadian Indian Tribe, was created specifically to help and encourage disabled children and acknowledge their bravery in trying to lead normal lives. We didn’t want to restrict this help only to children with amputations and limb deficiency.

Now, 30 years on, the Douglas Bader Foundation is still going and with plenty of fuel in the tank yet, we hope, in the form of some exciting events and initiatives soon to be announced! We feel it is something of an achievement that a small charity has survived so long and continues to help and inspire amputees and other disabled in Sir Douglas’s own indomitable spirit. We feel that he would be proud of what the charity has achieved.

When Douglas went missing, shot down, and his fellow Battle of Britain pilots learned he was captured, they painted on the side of their spitfires on their next mission


So, with that in mind, here is our 30th anniversary logo:

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Proceeds from sales of the print go to the Douglas Bader Foundation and we are very grateful to ArtToFly for their generosity *

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