Bader’s Big Band – Recruiting Now! Musician? Physical disability? Diagnosed mental health problem? Read on…

The Douglas Bader Foundation is very excited to announce the creation of  ‘Bader’s Big Band’.

This ambitious project will found the first ever Big Band consisting almost entirely of musicians from the UK with a physical disability or diagnosed mental health condition. The Band will record at a well-known studio and will perform at airshows, festivals and private events.  There has been nothing like it!

We’re recruiting now, so if you meet the requirements above and would like to participate in this wonderful project please complete the online form below. (Please note that all fields with a star must be completed.) 
Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything. Plato 
Bader's Big Band Audition Form




Please tell us a bit about yourself
'Bader's Big Band' is looking to recruit musicians with a physical disability or a diagnosed mental health condition. Please could you tell us about the nature of your disability and what impact it has on your life?
Please let us know if there's anything that would make taking part in the band easier for you


Please select from the drop down menu & add approximate grade if relevant

(We're keen to hear from musicians playing any instrument but are looking in particular for Alto, Tenor and Baritone sax players; Trumpet and Trombone players; Piano/Keyboard players; Bass players; Guitar players; Drum kit players & Vocalists.)

Please select from the drop down menu.
(Due to limited rehearsal times it will be helpful if you have some degree of music reading ability)
Please select from the drop down menu
If possible please supply music recording or video links to examples of you playing


Being a member of 'Bader's Big Band' will require commitment.

A schedule has been established which will enable the band to reach performance standard within a reasonable time frame. Musicians selected must be prepared to travel to the scheduled rehearsals. The Douglas Bader Foundation will cover travel, rehearsal, recording and performance

Proposed Time Frame & Schedule

September 30th - Application Deadline
October 21st/22nd - Audition to be held at Soundstage Studios, London
December 9th/10th - Residential weekend rehearsal (additional weekend rehearsal date to be confirmed)
(First short performance for a selected audience)

January 20th - Day rehearsal
February 10th - Day rehearsal
Week commencing February 19th - Recording 3 songs in well-known studio
March 24th - Day rehearsal
April 19th - Day rehearsal
April 20th - First public performance

A degree of flexibility will obviously be necessary within the schedule/time frame to take the rate of progress into account.

Rehearsal venues to be decided based on geographic convenience once the musicians are selected.

Please tell us in the box below if you know you will have a problem attending any of the above dates


Please be sure to read the statements below before signing the form

I have read and understood the questions above and have answered

I further understand that film and photographs of the'Bader's Big Band' project as described may be taken and accept that by signing this form, I am permitting any file or pictures which may contain images of myself and/or any of my family members to be used for promotional purposes by The Douglas Bader Foundation and 'Bader's Big Band'


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