DBF Honoured at Bearstead

Fantastic Fundraisers of Bearstead GC Ladies

Bearstead chequeOutgoing Ladies Captain of Bearstead Golf Club, Elizabeth Cracklen, chose the Douglas Bader Foundation as her Charity of the Year. In her short presentation speech she recalled that as a young girl she had watched the film “Reach for the Sky” which stared Kenneth Moore and portrayed Bader’s life as a famous WW2 pilot despite losing both legs in a flying accident. The all important message she said, was one of Courage over Adversity and as a young nurse in the 70’s she had worked with amputees and had been enormously impressed with courage they showed in trying to rehabilitate themselves.

She went on “it was a good maxim for my life and one that the Douglas Bader Foundation demonstrate in their day to day work”.

Elizabeth clearly got her message through to her fellow members and enthused them into supporting her fund raising effort which resulted in a magnificent donation of £5048.05 being presented to Director of Operations for DBF, Keith Delderfield at yesterdays ceremony.

A truly fantastic effort and so gratefully received – thank you Bearstead Ladies and well done!!

Bearstead Ladies

Bearstead Ladies

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Bearstead Raffle Prize table

The Raffle Prize Table – Bearstead