Nathan Doidge – A New Ambassador for the DBF!

We are delighted and very honoured that Nathan Doidge has agreed to join our small but very select band of DBF Ambassadors.

Ambassadors are selected because of their commitment to and support of the charity and for their inspirational personalities and achievements.


They are all people with whom we are proud to be associated and we extend a warm welcome to Nathan. We know that Sir Douglas, with his love of flying, would be proud of Nathan’s achievements and delighted to welcome him on board.


As you will read below, some of our Braves and their families and carers will be lucky enough to meet Nathan when he flies into our BADER BRAVES Young Aviators Days at White Waltham, Goodwood, Dunkeswell, RAF Cranwell and Bodmin.





Nathan ‘Reached for the Sky’ to achieve his Private Flying License at Goodwood Airfield on Monday 13th August 2012.

Supported financially by a number of private individuals and selected for the Flying Scholarships for Disabled People, The Douglas Bader Foundation awarded a 2012 Bader Grant to Nathan to enable him to achieve his goal of gaining his Private Pilot’s Licence.

Nathan will be flying in to visit us at our 2013 Bader Braves Flying Days  at White Waltham, Goodwood, Dunkeswell, RAF Cranwell and Bodmin.

‘’Congratulations on a great pass on your GST today.  I thought your flying was well above average! Apart from the fact that you flew really well, it was even more special for me considering you had an ASI failure after the first circuit and you flew the rest of the circuit detail, on a test, without any airspeed information!!! Simply outstanding!  It just goes to show, you can fly by attitude and power! I feel very confident in your ability to deal safely with a similar situation should one ever occur…  As you know, it subsequently transpired we had a “Bee Strike!”, the attached photo shows it was a direct hit on the pitot head!  It’s just as I said, every flight is different and you always have to be prepared for an unexpected situation! ATC said your landings were good….. well they were…. and even better considering some were without an ASI!  A good glide approach without an ASI is exceptional for anyone!’’      Steve Bradd –Examiner.

Nathan was born with cerebral palsy and is passionate about flying. At the moment he is thought to be the most profoundly disabled solo pilot in Britain. Nathan, 32, lives in Hayle, Cornwall.

“Regarding your question about whether I’m finding it more difficult than I expected, I’d have to answer ‘Yes and No ‘, considering I began hoping to get my licence within the four weeks of my scholarship and it’s now two and a half years later, the answer is a resounding yes!” Nathan responded.

There have been many hurdles along the way I’ve found extremely difficult to overcome and everyone else has often seemed to have had more faith in me than I have, particularly since my first solo.”

 While this is nice,” he continued, the downside I’ve often found is this added a lot of extra pressure on me to succeed. With just about everything else I’ve done throughout my life, I’ve become more used to believing in myself and having to fight to convince everyone else, with the exception of my parents, of my ability. “

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