New film to feature Douglas Bader

DB preparation for the leg drop

Exciting to hear that a new film is in the pipeline featuring Douglas Bader’s escape from Warburg.

A clip from the article in theMailOnline reads:

“The story of how Douglas Bader recovered from having both legs amputated to become one of Britain’s greatest fighter aces is remarkable enough.
But now another astonishing but little-known chapter of his war career is to be told in a Hollywood film being dubbed ‘The First Great Escape’.
Bader – who lost his legs in a flying accident in 1931 – was shot down over France in August 1941 and ended up in a German prison camp in Warburg.
It was there that the officer, who always made light of his disability and refused to even use a stick, was involved in a mass break-out that pre-dated the break in 1944 immortalised in The Great Escape starring Steve McQueen and Richard Attenborough.
Bader’s life story has already been the subject of the successful film Reach for the Sky in 1956 starring Kenneth More.
This latest look at his exploits is based on a book on the Warburg escape by historian Mark Felton called Zero Night.”

To see the article in full, complete with pictures and some rare home footage of Sir Douglas, please click HERE to visit the Webpage.

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