Pride of Britain Awards 2015

 Pride of Britain

The Mirror Group is currently looking for nominations for this year’s Pride of Britain Awards and we’ve been contacted by Alan Selby, a reporter from the Group, in the hope of getting some names. We’ve been invited to pass this on in the hope that some of our readers may know of someone deserving of this very worthy award. You can find further information via the link below and do please get in touch with Alan using the contact details below if you need further information.

Alan says: “We’re currently scouring the length and breadth of the country for nominations for this year’s Pride of Britain Awards, and wanted to ask if you would like to put anybody forward for consideration.

If it helps, here’s a link showing last year’s awards, where more information on the award categories can be found too:

The format is very similar to previous years, and obviously it’s a very high profile event, so a great platform for anybody you think deserves recognition.

The key criteria for nomination are that somebody must have gone above and beyond the call of duty, or overcome extreme adversity either in their professional role or as a member of the public.

Anyone can enter, and anyone can nominate. If you’d like to circulate this to others please do.

They could have shown outstanding bravery, collected a huge amount in fundraising, overcome extreme adversity, or they could simply have done something that they deserve a huge pat on the back for.

We’re trawling through hundreds of organisations, and just trying to bring the fact that we’re looking for nominations to everybody’s attention.

The best way to nominate somebody is to send me a full description of who the person is, and what they have done in as much detail as possible. Full contact details too, so we can contact them to follow up.

Our deadline for nominations is in a couple of weeks, on July 24, but there is also a slightly later deadline on August 7th for late entries.

Let me know if I can clarify anything – the best number to reach me on is 0207 2933207, or on this email address.

Thanks again.”

Alan Selby
Reporter, Mirror Group
Tel: 020 7293 3207
Mob: 07920 250601
Twitter: @SelbyMirror

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