Quadruple Amputee Alex Lewis Completes his Mountain Challenge

Inspirational quadruple amputee, Alex Lewis, has fulfilled his ambition to climb one of Africa’s tallest mountains but reaching the  4,550m peak of Ras Dashen in Ethiopia with the aid of a fantastic specially adapted buggy designed by students from Southampton University.

Check out the BBC report below and then follow the link to see incredible footage of Alex reaching the summit.

What an awesome achievement! Many congratulations Alex, you will have inspired Sam and a lot more people besides!

 Quadruple amputee Alex Lewis climbs Ethiopian mountain

His ambition was to climb one of Africa’s tallest mountains, despite having lost all four of his limbs and Alex Lewis is a man of his word.

Six years ago Alex caught a cold that led to a life-threatening illness, multiple amputations and an infection that also affected his face.

In defiance of his physical condition, the 39-year-old from Stockbridge in Hampshire, has continued to push his own limits and been involved in ground-breaking projects.

He says he pushes himself to show his eight-year-old son Sam that his disability never stopped him doing the things he wanted.

But reaching the summit of the 4,550m tall Ras Dashen in Ethiopia, using a specially-adapted buggy, proved to be a new level of challenge.

  • 07 Nov 2019

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