Rubber Suits & Lukewarm Soup now available through iBooks and Kindle – all proceeds benefit the DBF

You may remember from a previous post (see below for link) that Steve Randall, an Airbus Captain in America, has written a book about his previous adventures as an international aircraft delivery pilot. “Rubber Suits & Lukewarm Soup” is a wonderfully written selection of stories from the several years Steve worked as a Ferry Pilot specialising in the delivery of very small, sparsely equipped training aircraft. This frequently involved flying thousands of miles in machines “barely capable of scraping over an average sized mountain”. Steve survived but other excellent pilots perished – testament to the perils of this profession.

Steve was inspired throughout this extremely dangerous period of his life by the example set by the charity’s  eponymous initiator, Sir Douglas Bader, who had fought with such determination to continue flying following his accident and resulting double amputation, and then survived so many dangers as a World War 11 Fighter Pilot. As a result Steve contacted us very kindly offering to give 100% of the profits of any copies of “Rubber Suits & Lukewarm Soup” sold via the Website to the Foundation.

We are delighted to say that we have just heard from Steve again reporting that the book has received great reviews and that he has already made the first generous donation to the DBF. 

There are now more options to buy this beautifully written and illustrated book, which is a very gripping read giving insight into an incredibly dangerous occupation: it is now available through Apple iBooks and Kindle. Steve has again offered all proceeds from these new versions to the DBF and has put a note in the books to that effect.

Meet some of the people, the machines and the cultures encountered as a risky game against ever diminishing luck is played out in the most remote and lonely places on earth. 

We are so grateful to Steve for his kindness and generosity and his interest in and support of the Douglas Bader Foundation. It is a wonderful gesture and we are also extremely proud to be associated by name with such a great book and one which I know Sir Douglas himself would have enjoyed enormously.

I never planned to be a ferry pilot; well nobody in their right mind ever would. Steve Randall

Buy the book to find out more….

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  • Previous post – you will find a link to our Amazon shop where you can buy the original book online through the DBF website
  • Apple iBooks: Open iBooks and Rubber Suits & Lukewarm Soup is in the Travel & Adventure section and can easily be found using the search facility
  • Kindle – Again, the book can easily be found using the search facility
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