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Bader Braves

“To support the Douglas Bader Foundation and in particular the BADER BRAVES initiative, giving children with limb loss and other disabilities their first experience of flight in a light aircraft and the BADER BRAVES Adventure week-ends, fills me with immense pleasure and delight.

Giving children this opportunity provides self-belief, self-confidence, excitement and sews a seed of what they can do; I hope that those introduced to the Foundation will support this initiative.”


Team Bader

DBF Ambassador, MARTINE WRIGHT OBE, Paralympian:
I don’t think you can overestimate what sport can give you. I have come a long way mentally, physically and with my skills. It always feels quite surreal to be classed as an elite athlete.

Margaret Biggs amputee, cyclist, co-founder of Team Bader Cycling, DBF Ambassador:
I’ve managed to overcome many problems in coming to terms with my new ‘self’


Bader Grants

DBF Ambassador, Nathan Doidge 

‘Reached for the Sky’ to achieve his Private Flying License at Goodwood Airfield on Monday 13th August 2012. Supported financially by a number of private individuals and selected for the Flying Scholarships for Disabled People, The Douglas Bader Foundation awarded a 2012 Bader Grant to Nathan to enable him to achieve his goal of gaining his Private Pilot’s Licence. Nathan was born with cerebral palsy and is passionate about flying.

At the moment he is thought to be the most profoundly disabled solo pilot in Britain.