How we help

The Douglas Bader Foundation helps people affected by limb difference and other disabilities in several ways including:

BILL: Offers news, support and advice by informing and thereby empowering. Also enables one-to-one chat through the Limbline service. We are always happy to hear from anyone with information or advice they feel would be helpful to others and have a number of amputees and people with other disabilities who are happy to talk and offer advice based on personal experience. 

BADER BRAVES: We are in the 10th year of our Bader Braves Young Aviators Days scheme through which we offer numerous children and young people the opportunity to fly in a light aircraft. These very popular and successful events are free to our Braves and include lunch and refreshments and often more! They take place in an ever-increasing selection of venues across the UK allowing an every-increasing number of Braves and their families to take part. When possible we also work with Calvert Trust to provide Adventure Weekends at their wonderful venues in Devon and Kielder when, in keeping with our policy of  ‘inspiration’, children and young people can try a variety of activities in a safe and supportive environment. Sailing, GoKarting and Fishing have also recently been added to the activities we offer. All these events are designed to help our Braves to gain confidence and a sense of achievement.

TEAM BADER: Encourages people affected by limb loss and other disabilities to connect, make friends, get fit and gain confidence through sport, music, the Arts and any other activity that involves working or playing together. 

BADER GRANTS: We are a small charity with limited funds but our Bader Grants offer practical support in the form of financial aid to assist individuals or groups to achieve their goals. Following her death in 2015, Lady Bader Grants and Awards were initiated. These discretionary grants are allocated to assist financially where the applicants’ goals or intentions are felt to reflect Lady Bader’s own interests. 

More information about each section will be found by following the relevant link.

We’re happy to support in other ways such as assisting with and advising on fund-raising ideas and events; putting people in touch with others who may be able to advise, and offering links to sympathetic services such as Inspirational Speakers etc. If you have any questions it’s always worth getting in touch to see if we can help…