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Advice on current NHS provision of prosthetics

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    Hi all , I wonder if there is anyone who can help me with some up to date info on the current NHS ENGLAND prosthetics provision on a per patient basis.

    In my case and what I’m looking for is, as an aka what minimum can I expect to be supplied with through the NHS and in terms of maintainable what can one reasonably request or expect.

    In my instance I’m struggling to understand the ever changing NHS provision. I have one limb. No spare limb – either for sport or shower, as I’m told this is not within budgeting any longer (despite the contrary being listed on this site as to what an amputee can expect) Also as an iceross suction socket system user, I’m finding some obstructive questioning as to wear my liners are suffering, when requesting new ones ( as I do not have a spare it wears quickly).

    Related to this I’m struggling to get a socket that is comfortable and fits- my current one has been foam packed to adjust on three occasions, has had 3 layers of leather added and even had heat manipulation to alter shape. This poor fit has resulted in my current iceross sleeve literally falling to bits and a replacement not ordered until the condition of this one was viewed! So now I have been sent home on a limb that cannot be worn as it cannot get let alone maintain suction.

    The socket was further lined and packed as I presented wearing 3 socks and 1doubled. I asked for another socket to be made but this was rejected and my replacement sleeve has been ordered. I have many times asked about a shower limb but been rejected. Is this the accepted norm of provision or am I being shortchanged, as I’m rapidly becoming so disheartened with it all I’m tempted to become another ‘stood in the corner of the living room’ non limb wearer because I can’t stomach the constant feeling of going cap in hand for essentials anymore or daring to ask for extra componentry.

    To clarify I’m an NHS civi user so not given access to the ex-military injured level of provision. Thanks for any advice in advance.

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