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Does anyone actually post here?

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    I joined this group recently expecting too and fro “chat” and help/ideas from people in the same situation as me, does anyone else actually post here or am I wasting my time logging in and looking?



    Hi, Lemon,
    We have recently had to do a lot of work and make several changes to the Forum owing to a huge amount of Spam and other unwanted visitors. We are now rebuilding the Forum so I’m afraid that it is almost a case of beginning again.
    When we started the Forum, it was very lively with a lot of traffic but, sadly, we lost ground during ensuing changes to the Website.
    While we don’t want anyone to waste their time, of course(!), we do welcome our new visitors and if they persevere we will make the Forum the strong, supportive, vibrant place that it was before.
    I will also now contact Jason, who was acting as an informal mediator for the Forum, and see if he’s prepared to take up the position again.
    I do hope you’ll stay with us…..
    Best wishes,



    Thank you for the repiy

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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