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How to manage volume fluctuations for Above Knee Amputees

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    I’m an above knee amputee and I’m having major problems with volume fluctuations in my socket. Which has forced me to not be able to wear my leg now for 4 months. It is sooo frustrating!? all I want is to be able to wear my leg and crack on with living. I’ve found an amazing company based in San Fran Called LIM Innovations that produce The Infinite Socket but unfortunately it is not available on the NHS. The infinite socket prides itself on helping volume fluctuations without the need to take the leg off throughout the day to apply numerous socks by using adjustable straps. Their website is:
    It has won numerous design awards. As soon as I found their website I was overwhelmed at how they have taken a completely fresh approach to prosthetic sockets. I was fortunate to speak to the guys from LIM Innovations, they are such a great team. With some of the team being Above Knee Amputees they know how difficult it is to be able to control volume problems during every day life. Which was so refreshing to see. I know that they have fitted some of the veterans from Headley Court with great success but unfortunately the Infinite Socket is not available to NHS patients…… So I was wondering if anybody out there knows of a way of funding the Infinite Socket without having to go via private healthcare providers. (Which I really can’t afford to do)
    If anyone could give me some advise it would be fantastic. As I’m really struggling to find a socket solution.

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