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Next step in the dance!..

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    Hello, my name is Stephen . I’m 52yrs old . In 1983 I had a m/bike accident which left me with a triple fusion ,staples, k-wires and skin grafts to my left foot. After the 5yrs it took to sort my foot out I was ready , rebuilt, and raring to go. First few yrs were ok I was still young and full of enthusiasm for life albeit slightly curtailed by the lack of movement in my left foot . I continued to ride m/cs . It is my reason ‘d’ etre.and still is what motivates me. 15 yrs ago I moved to France leaving rainy Scotland behind . I came to France because I sort of new that my leg wasn’t going to last my working life. ,…news flash!…it hasn’t ! now after 30 odd yrs and and a number of related problems rearing their ugly heads . Knee & hip problems and a once good leg now becoming just as much an issue as my left leg I am faced with the greatest delema . elective amputation!…many many people in the past have suggested this to me , you’d be much better off “they”say but I’m finding it difficult to get my head round these little pearls of wisdom . Im very attached to my foot/leg and it’s very attached to me … courtesy of the many bolts, staples and wires . Sorry Scottish humour ! it’s taken me 4days after joining this forum to gather the guts to right this and I suppose to concede that I need to at least entertain the idea of amputation . I’m not a dinasaur but I’m having an internal battle in my head ,part of me says ” NO “Im not listening !…like some errand school kid ….. My other side agrees it’s certainly a route forward!…so I’m asking?… Did those of you who had elective amputation fight the same demons inside ?…. Or did the decision come easily?…how does one elect to have ones leg amputated ,…?to be quite honest and with a tear in my eye I truly don’t know what to do !…what will be the next stage in my dance!…thank you!..



    Hello Stephen.
    If I know what I know now I would have had my right foot amputated 9 years ago when had my first got 13 ulcers on my right ankle following 2 DVT’s & 2 PE’s which the pain sent me to hell & back, having many, many painfull different treatments & numberous days of work sick & loads of weeks & months in hospitals, as well as being on many, many different medications which made me feel ill all the time.
    Then 10 weeks ago I was taken into hospital with extreme pain because not only did I have the ulcers on my ankle I but I got another two in the bridge of my foot which kept breaking down having being rushed into A & E three separate times.
    I was told within days of being in hospital that these were my only two choices I can keep my foot and have the extreme pain I have got now & struggling to stand & walk or I can have it amputated, then get a prosthetic foot & cont. my life including going back to work, I was like you I did not know what to do and I was given a few days to think about it & talk to my Fiancee’ & family what I should do.
    I was lucky that the hospital arranged for a gentleman come to see me who had is foot amputated following a motorbike accident (Just like yourself) 4 years ago where they had rebuilt his leg but then it had just given him so much pain that two years ago he decided to have it amputated he talked to me showed me is prosthetic foot & his stump & showed me all the things he could do with it, and he is off every weekend doing sports including walking, swimming & climbing.
    I had my right foot amputated 8 weeks ago now it was & it was the best thing I have ever done, Yes I get some pain in it from time to time but I think of this as heeling pain as I know I am heeling and some times I get phantom pain but that is getting less & less now as well, I hope this has helped you in some way as just like yourself I am going to learn how to ball room dance with my fiancee’ and walk her back down the isle when I marry her & I will be doing this as soon as I am walking on my prosthetic foot in 22 weeks time, Regards Mark age 52



    Well chaps your posts certainly rang some bells, after a m/c accident my left ankle gave me pain, sometimes unable to bear weight, I put up with it for many years until I had a referral to an orthapeadic surgeon who agreed after investigative scans to a bka well here I am pain free ( thankfully) 12 weeks later. I have my prosthesis but currently cannot wear it after suffering blisters due to poor fit. I have quickly learned to SPEAK UP and tell people about any issues and not put up with discomfort. I would say that blisters are the main problem, so if anyone has any tips on blister or socket management please post.
    I hope all goes well for you, VM

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