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The Infinite Socket: The solution to volume fluctuations

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    Im an Above Knee Amputee and i have been having socket problems due to my Lymphodaema (stump swelling)
    Lymphodaema causes my stump to swell inside the socket to the point that i can’t wear my socket/leg. I was beginning to see my new leg as more of an hassle than a help. To the point that my leg was becoming more of an piece of old furniture in the corner of my room.
    Unfortunately because sockets are made out of hard plastic, they dont allow any give for leg swelling or shrinking. So the old solution was to use different ply socks to try and help the problem. Which can be a struggle taking the leg on and off throughout the day. Or not being able to wear the leg at all!
    Well after doing loads of research i came across this company called Lim Innovations. Lim Innovations make a new style socket called The Infinite Socket.
    I looked through their site, watched their testimonials on youtube and was amazed to see a fresh approach to an adjustable socket.
    It can be adjusted throughout the day to accommodate volume fluctuations!!!! WOW!
    It also works with most liner solutions too. After getting in touch with the company, they arranged to come over to the UK back in March and i was able to see the infinite socket in the flesh and see how robust yet adjustable it was. So i was cast the next day.
    I have been very fortunate to be fitted with the infinite socket.
    And because of this i wanted to share as i imagine that I’m not the only one who is going through the very same problems.

    I have just found out that Lim Innovations will be back in the UK over the next 2 weeks.

    More importantly they are having a demo session at Pace Rehab in Chesham on 15th April from 10am until 12 noon.
    If there is anyone interested and would like to come along to see The Infinite Socket and ask questions to the Lim team… then please reach out to Scott Richardson at Pace Rehab In Chesham.
    Scott’s email is: or give him a call on 08454 507 357
    Pace Rehab
    Unit1, Anglo Business Park,
    Asheridge Road,
    HP5 2QA

    If you need any information please get in touch.
    I hope this may help some of you to be able to get back up on that leg of yours.

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