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This page features merchandise that will benefit the DOUGLAS BADER FOUNDATION in some way. This means that anything you purchase from links given here will result in funds for the charity which will help us to continue our invaluable work on behalf of amputees and other disabled.

We are indebted to all featured here for their support of the DOUGLAS BADER FOUNDATION.


Purchasing the following books from Amazon will benefit the DBF as the authors have offered us the proceeds of any of these titles bought via the DBF Website link. We are very grateful to all who support the charity in this way:

“Rubber Suits & Lukewarm Soup”: by Steve Randall

A desire to become a professional pilot against the odds and without the benefit of wealthy relatives leads to a journey through some unusual jobs including theft investigator, car salesman, personal loans agent, telephone salesman and finance company repo man. When the opportunity to join an airline is abruptly halted by bureaucracy, a determination to continue flying results in an accidental career as one of the busiest oceanic ferry pilots in the world. Fly along on nine very different delivery flights and experience the literal highs and lows of these dangerously exciting journeys across our oceans. Read about flights from dirt tracks in Russia, fuel leaks in Iceland, mechanical issues in war-torn Africa, low fuel across the Pacific and flying through the waves of the Atlantic Ocean! Meet some of the people, the machines and the cultures encountered as a risky game against ever diminishing luck is played out in some of the most remote and lonely places on earth.

Bronze bust

Peter Close (Sculptor) – Bronze busts of Sir Douglas Bader.

  • Small (image to follow): 17cm high. £65.00 (50% to the DBF)
  • Large (pictured): £275 (£75 to the DBF)
Peter Close:   Large Bader Bust


You can contact Peter through his Website where you will also be able to see other examples of his wonderful sculptures. Please be sure to mention that you are making an order from the DBF Website so that we receive his kind donation : http://www.peterclose.com/

Prestige car insurance (details being updated)

Prestige Keep Moving Insurance Policies – They provide a special car insurance scheme written for the specific needs of the disabled community, disabled passengers, and for their families or carers, for example: New for old cover for adaptations to vehicles, A ‘keep moving’ clause in the event of an accident or theft, Cover for wheelchairs and cover for vehicles that have been adapted for disabled passengers.

Their premise is that: “Based on claims statistics, we believe people with disabilities and their family members are more careful drivers and therefore less likely to make a claim. This means that we are able to quote lower insurance premiums…”

*Another advantage of the scheme is that Prestige will pay the DBF £10 for every new policy taken out by our supporters and £5 for every renewal, so please don’t forget to mention us if, after checking the details, you do decide to take out a policy with them.


We’d love to hear from you if you have anything you’d like to offer on this page to benefit the charity or know of something that you think would be good to feature here.


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