Kate Mattick, a Master’s student on the course, Disability, Design and Innovation at University College London (UCL) has contacted us with a request for help from lower limb amputees and people with limb difference.

Kate is looking to recruit between 5 and 10 adult participants in the UK who have experience of using lower limb prostheses to provide information which will help with her Master’s dissertation.

In her own words:

I am exploring the lived experiences of lower limb prosthesis users. The aim of my study is to better understand individual motivations and expectations when engaging with prosthetic services and rehabilitation.

I hope the results will deepen understanding of possible intrinsic and contextual factors that impinge or facilitate motivation in prosthetic rehabilitation. The outcomes will contribute towards informing policy surrounding prosthetic provision both domestically and internationally, utilising the knowledge of individual motivates to consider how better to design services. My project supervisors are Dr. Ben Oldfrey and Dr. Cathy Holloway of the Global Disability Innovation hub: https://www.disabilityinnovation.com/ and this work is part of the AT2030 project: https://at2030.org/

My plan is to hold semi-structured interviews with participants over telephone or online platforms, each interview taking approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour. I will ask participants to describe their experience of acquiring and using a prosthesis with questions focused on their individual expectations and the factors that affected their motivation for using the prosthesis and engaging in rehabilitation (or not). It will be an open conversation and I am just really interested in hearing their stories and views – both positive and negative!

All data and information will be entirely anonymised.

(Kate Mattick, Master’s student, UCL)

If you feel you could help, please contact Kate direct by email using the link below this post. She will then be able to answer any questions and, if you’d like to take part, will send on the full information sheet and consent form.

Please do participate if you can; the valuable research Kate is doing can go on to inform rehabilitation centres and other associated organisations, and benefit those with amputations and limb difference.


Email: Kate Mattick