2024 Update from Richard Neumann

2024 Update from Richard Neumann

In this 2024 Update from Richard Neumann, the Para Dressage Rider shares photos, videos and news and  it is clear how much he and his competition horse, Smartie, have improved. They are now clearly a force to be reckoned with in the Para Dressage world.

Bader Grant Recipient Richard has an extraordinary work ethic and clearly it is paying off. Having been told after a serious injury sustained while playing rugby that he would be confined to a wheelchair, Richard decided to prove the doctors and the prognosis wrong. He did, and, not long after taking his first steps had decided to try riding… Not just riding but dressage! He worked incredibly hard to improve his physical strength and fitness as can be seen in some of the previous posts (to which you’ll find a link at the bottom of this page), and practised determinedly with his horse, Otto. Very sadly Otto who had suffered a leg injury had to be put to sleep last year when an MRI scan revealed that his pain and resulting lameness couldn’t be cured. This was a heartbreaking decision for Richard who had hoped that Otto could live out a peaceful and happy retirement. Richard’s other horse, Smartie, was drafted in to fill Otto’s shoes, and proved to be a star in his own right. Since then the partnership has gone from strength to strength and we were absolutely delighted to learn that Richard and Smartie had won a 1st and that the team are one good result away from representing Great Britain: Richard’s long-standing dream. We know that Richard will give this his absolute best shot. As he says, he keeps trying, has put his papers in for the International this year  and it’s up to the selectors now.

2024 Update from Richard Neumann
The hard work is paying off…
2024 Update from Richard Neumann
Smartie dreaming

We will keep our fingers firmly crossed that Richard gets the result he so deserves. He and Smartie certainly make a good looking team!

In the meantime, Richard has another hot prospect! His young horse, Kisper, is currently having a bit of a holiday but will be back in training in March /April and Richard hopes to get both horses qualified to compete at Hartpury in 2025.

The 2024 Update from Richard Neumann included photos and videos and we’re very grateful as always to him for sharing some of these joyful moments. It’s particularly heartwarming to see young Kisper, clearly full of the joys of spring, albeit early, and kicking up his heels in the paddock. It is wonderful also to see Richard and Smartie looking so much in tune and demonstrating just how far they’ve developed as a team.

We wish Richard all the very best for 2024 and will keep you updated!

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