Protect Yourself this Flu Season

We’ve been contacted by Dana Brown, a health educator, whose mission is to visit health websites and ask them to add information that will help who has pointed out quite rightly that, particularly during what is recognised as one of the worst ‘flu seasons on record, we should have more information on the website about this horrible and potentially fatal disease.

We’re very grateful to Dana for bringing this to our attention and for sending in the following useful links. 

Flu cases are up 66% this year. We have to do something. Dana Brown, Health Educator

My name is Dana Brown and there will be hundreds of heart broken parents this year whose children die of the flu.

My mission is simple – visit health websites and ask them to add information that will help stop the flu forever.

Please help save lives and add these to your site today:

Healthy House, Healthier Body

How To Clean and Disinfect Schools To Help Slow the Spread of Flu

Do More – Pledge Here to End the Flu

Cleaning Hit List: What to Disinfect

Home Mold Reduction Increases Your Immune System Defenses Against Flu

Sanitizing clothing and bedding after the flu

Identifying and Preventing Illness-Causing Elements in Your Home

Yours in Prevention,
Dana Brown
health educator

These links will be added to the Useful Links Page of the Bader Information section of the Website, where you can find other useful information.