Bader’s Bus Company – The Film!

Following the footage and interview with Charley Bickers on BBC Breakfast television on Sunday 30th July, we are now able to show you the amazing and moving video about our very exciting and ambitious new project: “Bader’s Bus Company“.

With this project we aim to create the UK’s first flying display team comprised entirely of pilots with disabilities. Although we haven’t been able to publicise the project until now, a lot of work has already gone on behind the scenes with three experienced pilots selected from the original applicants.  To fly in formation is incredibly dangerous and goes against a pilot’s basic training and instincts and the intention is that more pilots will join this team as they meet the extremely high standard and flying hours required to undertake this challenge..

Every time you add an aeroplane to a formation it becomes harder and harder because there’s nowhere to go if someone makes a mistake.

Each pilot’s life is essentially in the hands of the other pilots and the project requires huge trust as well as expertise. We are humbled as well as excited to have their involvement – without them it the project wouldn’t be possible.

Our sincere thanks also to all concerned who have helped us to get to this point. There will be more to follow shortly but for now just sit back and enjoy this inspiring video.

The first time in British history that disabled pilots have flow in formation.

For more information, please contact Charley Bickers: