8 Health Benefits of Swimming (and some tips too….)

We were delighted to be contacted by Jess Miller who writes for the excellent Jen Reviews and has just finished this article on swimming that she thought might be useful for us to add to the Website.

With swimming being such a beneficial sport for people with disabilities and able-bodied alike and also being a social and very inclusive sport (not to mention a potential life-saver) I was grateful to Jess and very happy to be able to publish her excellent and very comprehensive article here. 

Jess’s article is too long to publish in its entirety here so I’ll just cover the headings to whet(!) your appetite to read more, which you can do by clicking on the link below. The article will feature permanently to our useful links page in the Bader Information section of the website.

8 Health Benefits of Swimming, According to Science, (+5 Tips to Help You Swim Better)

1. Swimming fights tiredness by improving oxygen intake and energy use in the body

2. Swimming protects the heart and cardiovascular system

3. Swimming provides social support and aids mental health and development

4. Learning to swim reduces the chance of drowning

5. The risk of contracting certain chronic illnesses drops with swimming exercise

6. Swimming supports a healthy and longer life

7. As a low-impact exercise, swimming causes less overall damage to muscles and joints

8. A correlation exists between swimming and an overall decrease in body fat percentage

Jess also includes 5 tips with helpful advice for helping you to swim better:

1. Learn to synch stroke movements for better control and speed

2. Practice proper alignment and depth for each stroke

3. Practice improving posture inside and outside the water to avoid strain and increase power

4. Try tethered swimming to gradually relieve feelings of tiredness and quickly increase maximal oxygen capacity

5. Keep a consistent swim schedule when practicing/training

Click HERE to read Jess Miller’s full article, which is extremely helpful and comprehensive.

We’re always grateful when people go to the trouble of sending us articles and information that they feel would be useful for us to include on the Website. The more information we can offer people on as diverse range of subjects as possible the better.  Thank you very much for this valued contribution, Jess. 

We’ve published reviews and articles from Jen Reviews before and they’ve always been wonderfully readable and informative. We’ll continue to publish more as they come in.