Alex Lewis to Climb Res Dashen Mountain in Ethiopia

As you may have seen on the BBC news last night, the inspirational Alex Lewis is going to take on the challenge of climbing Res Dashen mountain in Ethiopia.

Alex was diagnosed with a Strep A infection in 2013 which developed into blood poisoning.

It led to the loss of all his limbs and the infection ravaged his face.

But he is now hoping to climb one of Africa’s tallest mountains, Ras Dashen in Ethiopia.

He will use a ground-breaking buggy to get him up most of the 4500m mountain, but he will have to rock climb the last few hundred metres.

He and his team are hoping to make the attempt in January.” (BBC News 23/10/18)

Since recovering from his operations, quadruple amputee Alex has completed several gruelling challenges and is now an inspirational speaker encouraging other amputees by his own example. 

Always keen to keep up with new technology, he had a microchip fitted in January, which has already given him more independence. As he says:

There is so much amazing technology out there and I’m always going to be in this condition so I’m always going to need to keep on top of what’s coming out on the market. And to be a guinea pig with some of this technology is just brilliant and for me it’s going to be hopefully life-changing in the future, so I’m very fortunate.  Alex Lewis

Alex will now be putting yet more new technology to the test on this latest climbing challenge as he will undertake the climb in a ground-breaking buggy which works (in a nutshell) by converting the electrical energy Alex creates by rotating his arms to drive the back wheels forward.

We wish Alex the best of luck for this latest challenge. 

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