The Amputation Foundation – An Exciting New Charity Helping Amputees

We’re delighted to introduce The Amputation Foundation! 

This is a new charity set up to help and support amputees in a huge variety of ways which you can learn about by checking out their website via the link below.

The Amputation Foundation has been created by amputees with a passion for helping and supporting others.

The Amputation Foundation is a unique charity, that not only assists amputees but also medical professionals in their plight to give new amputees the best start, following amputation.

The Amputation Foundation can assist amputees with a long list of support needs and information that will be relevant to starting a new life as an amputee which will include benefits information, legal information, prosthetic centre advice and information, education and retraining and much more. Amputation Foundation will continue to support these people with their needs moving forward through rehabilitation and on to retraining for future employment and even sports and hobbies which may require adaptations or specialist inclusive activities.
The Amputation Foundation is announcing its arrival with what looks to be a fabulous Launch Party at the Titanic Hotel, Stanley Dock, Regent Road, Liverpool, L3 0AN, on Saturday 10th March. There are still a few tickets available but apparently they are selling out fast so please contact the Amputation Foundation without delay if you’d like to be there. Contact details will be found on the information below.

* Click HERE to check out the Amputation Foundation Website *


We’re always delighted to hear of new charities and organisations helping amputees and look forward to working with the Amputation Foundation in the future.
We wish them the best of luck with this very exciting and supportive venture.