An Ambulance for Legs4Africa

An ambulance for Legs4Africa

Tom Williams, founder of the wonderful Legs4Africa, has been in touch with some brilliant news. A life-changer for the charity. An ambulance for Legs4Africa!

Tom is currently without his own transport and this got him thinking about the people Legs4AFrica work with.

For many, having easy access to transport is a luxury they can’t afford. They rely heavily on the support of their communities or endure long, arduous journeys on public transport to reach the nearest rehabilitation centre. I can’t help but feel how fortunate I am in comparison. Tom Williams

Then, Doug and Rose Hamlen, who spearhead an organisation called Challenge 4000, stepped in with the incredibly generous donation of an ambulance to the Rehabilitation Centre in The Gambia. Rose, who has mobility issues herself, was moved to help people who also have difficulty walking.

I’ve got bad legs, and I want to help others who can’t walk as well as I can Rose Hamlen

An ambulance for Legs4Africa will revolutionise how services reach those in need. It will be set up and used as a mobile clinic so will be able to help individuals who live hundreds of kilometres from the main service areas in Banjul.

This isn’t just a vehicle; it’s a lifeline Tom Williams

Janob Jaab, the Director of Social Welfare, expressed immense gratitude, acknowledging the significant impact this will have on improving access to rehabilitation services, especially in rural areas. Many individuals in need of prosthetic limbs live far from urban centers, and this ambulance effectively bridges that gap.

Ambulance Mission in The Gambia – An ambulance for Legs4Africa Video Clip

You can watch the moving hand over of this wonderful gift of an ambulance for Legs4Africa by Doug and Rose Hamlen in a clip from Gambian TV by following the link at the bottom of this post.

Legs4AFrica is making giant strides. Please keep checking in for more heartwarming updates…

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