An update from Richard Neumann, our featured Bader Grant Recipient

We’re very grateful to our featured Bader Grant Recipient, Para Dressage Rider, Richard Neumann for these most recent updates on his progress with his beautiful horse, Otto. Apologies to Richard and all for getting these posted later than intended. My graduation adventures have now finished and usual service will now be resumed!

You may remember from previous posts that Richard progressed from boxing to playing rugby, which he did very successfully until injuring himself so seriously in his last International that he ended up in a wheelchair and was told that he’d never walk again. He has gone on to prove the doctors wrong in spectacular style and now, through sheer grit and determination, is well on the way to achieving success as a para dressage rider. You can read more in Richard’s original posts as featured Bader Grant Recipient by following the link below.

Richard aims to compete in the Winter Championships in February and is putting in the hours with Otto and, as you will see from Video 26 below, a very no-nonsense trainer!
He is going to keep us posted on his progress and we wish him the best of luck in the pursuit of his goal.

On June 16, Richard reported that he’d had a very windy session with a very spooky pony but had put in some good work and was looking forward to the 29th when he’d be competing in an able-bodied show. (See Video 23 via the link below.)
Videos 24 and 25 document the partnership’s progress until the 8th July, when he reports:
“A tough training session with my coach, the 29th went really well we got a respectable 72% at an able bodied prelim 18 so we are out again in two weeks to complete a novice at a bury farm before we go to Addington then start the campaign for the winter championships in February, I would once again like to express my gratitude for your help and support on our journey I will keep you informed on our progress towards gaining international honours once again.” (See Video 26 below)