Autumn Panathlon Newsletter

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The Autumn Panathlon Newsletter comes packed full of uplifting positivity (just what we all need at the moment) as always.

Panathlon gives thousands of young people with disabilities and special needs every year the opportunity to take part in competitive sport

If you haven’t come across this wonderful charity before, do check out their website (link below this post) as well as the Autumn Panathlon Newsletter to find out more about what they achieve for young people with disabilities and special needs.

Despite Covid, Panathlon were able to provide sporting competition to 15,091 children from 1,185 schools in England and Wales this year. That is a pretty phenomenal achievement given the situation.

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We applaud Panathlon for their commitment to improving life for young people with special needs and disabilities. Do check them out if you haven’t already.


There’s a bonus this month! A new story telling how Panathlon helped Whitefield Academy through lockdown by playing a big part in keeping students active and motivated. Check it out here:

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