Bader Grant Recipient Jason Inchley

Bader Grant Recipient Jason Inchley

We’re delighted to introduce recent Bader Grant Recipient Jason Inchley.

Jason, who lives with Cerebral Palsy, applied for a grant towards ongoing lessons on his beautiful horse, Ella, and we were very happy to support him. Jason has shown huge commitment to his sport of Para Dressage Riding since watching what could be achieved back in 2012. He was soon competing in the RDA National Championships – a pretty impressive achievement for a young rider who wasn’t even riding independently 3 years previously!
He is now going from strength to strength and, as you’ll see from the photographs he has kindly sent in, looks as though he has the potential to go far.  He and Ella make a very elegant team and we believe that Bader Grant Recipient Jason Inchley could be one to watch!

Jason’s story:

Bader Grant Recipient Jason Inchley
Jason and Ella trainingJason’s Story:

Jason started riding aged 7 with our local RDA group as therapy for his cerebral palsy.
I took him to watch the London 2012 Paralympic dressage and he then decided he wanted to do what he saw Lee Pearson and Natasha Baker do!! He wasn’t even riding independently at the time.

He was lucky enough to be able to affiliate to North Cornwall RDA at Lakefield EC at Camelford in 2013 as they agreed to take him to the RDA Nationals if he qualified.
He attended the RDA National Championships every year from 2015 to 2019, the last year on his own horse. He bought Ella, his first horse, in 2018 and has continually improved from then with the help and guidance of Becky Monk and Mark Cunliffe of Lakefield where Ella is stabled, managed and trained by them, as well as Jason being coached by Mark.

They have been working hard and competed in their first ever Gold semi finals in June. There they managed to meet the qualifying score to go forwards to the finals and were put on the non travelling reserve list. They were subsequently invited to compete at the Gold Finals due to a withdrawal but we decided that although we were grateful for the opportunity they are not quite ready for this with this being their first year competing at this level.

Jason and Ella working on their moves



However, they have just returned from the Para Bronze and Silver Championships held at Hartpury as the Grade 2 Silver champions! It was lovely for them to compete alongside the RDA Grade 7 riders too and we hope that they may have inspired some of them to compete more in the future.

Bader Grant Recipient Jason Inchley
Well deserved Grade 2 Silver Champions, Jason and Ella!

They are hoping for selection to the next 2*  International competition at Keysoe in October and have just registered for selection to the World class Podium Potential Pathway squad 2023-2025 too!

Jason said he is very grateful for the help he has had from the Douglas Bader Foundation, which has helped him to train and improve enough this year to compete at Gold level and against the person he watched at London 2012, Sir Lee Pearson!

He hopes that he can continue to improve towards the ultimate goal of competing at the Paralympics one day himself too!

Thank you again for the grant towards Jason’s lessons on Ella.  We don’t know how he would of been able to afford them without it. Heather Inchley

(Heather Inchley)

As you can see, Jason and Ella look wonderful together and we are sure that they have the potential to go right to the top. We will keep you updated with his progress.

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Although we are a small charity with limited funds, the Bader Grant Scheme is a very important aspect of the Foundation and something we’re very proud to offer. In his lifetime, Douglas gave so much support personally to amputees and people with disabilities, including visiting as many as he could in their own homes and in hospital  that we know this is an initiative that he would approve of wholeheartedly. For that reason it is very close to our hearts also.
We intend to bring you more stories of recent Bader Grant Recipients. We very much hope that reading individual accounts such as this one by Bader Grant Recipient Jason Inchley will encourage other people living with disabilities, and who would like support to reach a personal goal themselves, to apply. We receive a broad and very diverse range of applications, all of which are considered by the Grants Committee before going on to final approval by the Trustees.