Buy a Ukelele for the LiMITTless Appeal!

Buy a Ukelele and Help the LiMITTless Appeal

Strung Out Guitars of Glasgow have very generously offered to help children with limb difference with a Buy a Ukelele for the LiMITTless Appeal initiative. We are extremely grateful to Louise Carruthers and Paula Russell at Strung Out Guitars for this immensely kind offer and to their friend, an early supporter of the Appeal, for coming up with idea and liaising with us. Here is the fruit of a lovely idea.

10 Ukeleles will be available for sale with all the proceeds to go to the LiMITTless Appeal. The aim of the Appeal is to provide all children aged 9 and under across the UK with below elbow limb difference with a free Koalaa prosthetic.

The appeal has been a huge success so far and if you’d like to help to change the lives of even more children with upper limb difference, please get in touch with Strung Out Guitars and buy one of their dedicated Ukes. If you don’t play yet, it’d be a great excuse to take it up!

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Uke can do it!

Sadly the shop was broken into earlier in the year and several high end guitars were stolen. For a while it looked as though this shop, a valued part of the Glasgow music scene since 2003, may have to close. You will find links below to some of the stories covering the theft at the time. It is heartwarming and very much in the spirit of the Koalaa appeal that the lovely people at Strung Out Guitars want to turn a negative into a positive. Their Buy a Ukelele for the LiMITTless Appeal will support children with limb difference in a wonderful and fitting way* (see link below).

If you know anything about guitars, you could help Strung Out Guitars by keeping an eye our for any of the instruments listed in the “Hunt for Stolen Guitars” link below. Many of these valuable guitars are collectible and hopefully wouldn’t be easy to sell and, to someone who knows their instruments or who is in the business, should be easy to spot.

Again, our sincere thanks to all at Strung Out Guitars for this generous support. It is greatly appreciated.

Buy a Ukelele and help LiMITTless appeal

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Tel.: For more information, contact Strung Out Guitars on: 0141 552 4848