Clinicians to take part in a Research Project

Clinicians to take part in a research project

Naomi Light, a third year physiotherapy student at the University of Winchester, is looking for Clinicians to take part in a Research Project.

She is undertaking the research To evaluate clinicians’ attitudes and beliefs regarding the usefulness of digital technology in the assessment and management of an amputee patient.  The aim is to investigate what digital technology clinicians use currently when assessing and managing treatment of a lower limb amputee patient, and to see whether there’s a need for future development of digital technology within their practice. The long-term purpose of the project will be to use the data collected to develop technology that will help both clinicians and patients in the future.

If you are a clinician with a minimum of 1 year working in this specialism, please do take part in this useful and potentially beneficial research if you can as it could be of great benefit to lower limb amputees in the future.

Participants will not be personally identifiable in any written work submitted for publication and the anonymised data will be made available for other researchers both within and outside of the University of Winchester. There will be no identifiable details in the accessible data, which will be stored for up to 5 years after collection.

For more information, please click on the link below to open Naomi’s Participant Information Sheet where you will find contact links and access to the questionnaire.

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