EaZyHold Universal Cuff

EaZyHold Universal Cuff

Funny how sometimes the simplest ideas end up being the best inventions! We heard from Kerry Mellin who had a simple idea that resulted in what looks like a really useful and helpful product – the EazyHold Universal Cuff.

I realise that I’m sounding like an advertisement here! I don’t normally promote specific items but this does seem like a good and affordable idea that could be really useful to anyone who needs help with grip support.

Kerry invented EaZyHold Universal Cuff in 2020 and was “Featured Amazon Women Owned Small Business”. In 2021 the EazyHold Team were 5th in the “Making It With Lowes” inventor competition.

Kerry says:
“EaZyHold is a simple silicone strap that can go onto everyday objects to help with grip. I invented it for my own arthritis and used it on a broom to help me sweep. Once we launched we realized that EaZyHold was a game-changer for people with Cerebral Palsy and Limb Differences, as well as elderly people with Parkinson’s and Stroke.”
It’s a fun, stretchy, attachable handle that does not look like a medical product – it’s useful for everyone, not just people with disabilities but anyone who needs a little more grip support. It’s amazing on toothbrushes, eating utensils, hair brushes, markers, toys, musical instruments,  gardening tools and much more. We believe that every household and classroom can be made more inclusive of people with all abilities and EaZyHold helps to level the playing field and enable independence for everyone.
If you or anyone you know has mobility issues – please, please, please checkout EaZyHold as we’ve seen thousands of reviews of how helpful it is in every-day life for kids and seniors.

Kerry Mellin

You can see a short video here where Kerry talks about the invention of the EaZyHold Universal Cuff

Following the initial success of the Cuff, the EaZyHold Team, Kerry Mellin and Polina Tolkacheva, have launched a new product that can be bought on Amazon for under $10.

N.B. This is a US based company and they have local distributors for the UK and Europe. Please check the links below for your market.

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