Ebrima Susso Fundraising Update

Ebrima Susso Fundraising Update

The Ebrima Susso Fundraising Update will hopefully bring some cheer during this most recent lockdown.

An amputee who fights back is not handicapped but inspired. Sir Douglas Bader

You may remember that we were contacted by Ebrima, a young amputee from the Gambia, unbelievably almost exactly a year ago now. Ebrima, then 24, had undergone an amputation 13 years previously following a serious fall from a horse. Ostracised by society in his country he had become increasingly isolated. Rather than accept his situation though, Ebrima, in true Bader style, decided to fight back and to change his situation so that he could resume his education and help out more at his parents’ farm. His dream was to obtain a prosthetic arm, which he felt would help him to achieve these ambitions and to regain his self-confidence.

This is why I want prosthetic so that I can continue with my life confidently and get back school. Ebrima Susso

I hope you will find it as uplifting to read Ebrima’s story as I did to be a part of it. I hope that reading the Ebrima Susso fundraising update will shine some sun into dark times. To find out how Ebrima achieved his dream, click on the link below to read his inspiring story.  You will find relevant links for further information on the document. (I have also included them below in case there are any issues with opening them.)

I was fortunate to become a part of Ebrima’s adventure and should stress that all the funds raised came from independent fundraising on a strictly one-off basis! The Douglas Bader Foundation, being such a small charity, is restricted to supporting amputees and people with other disabilities in the UK, and our grant remit doesn’t stretch to giving money for prosthetics or living aids. No money was provided by the Foundation.

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