First Follow up to the Debut Performances by Bader’s Bus Company and Bader’s Big Band

Following the debut performance of Bader’s Bus Company on the 5th September you can now see a film made by Charley Bickers of the team’s first display flight. This short film has been set to the music created by Guy Farley especially for the project so it will give you a taster of what’s to come.

Hot on the heels of Bader’s Bus Company’s debut, Bader’s Big Band had their first ever public performance at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. Under the guidance of Paul Clark, Band Leader, the musicians played their collective socks off and brought the house down!

Here is a short compilation video of their first performance. At one point they are being conducted by Al Murray the Pub Landlord TV personality!

It is hoped that in future these 2 ambitious projects can be linked, with Bader’s Big Band playing at airshows following performances by Bader’s Bus Company.

We are extremely proud of the pilots and musicians who comprise Bader’s Bus Company and Bader’s Big Band and delighted by the success of both these debut performances. The future of both projects couldn’t look more positive and we look forward to exciting developments.