From Bath to Banjul

From Bath to Banjul

From Bath to Banjul with Legs4Africa…

A heartwarming story of the difference one act of kindness can make to a life.

Tom Williams, OBE, founder of Legs4Africa, writes that Euan, a young lad from Bath, has been inspiring the Legs4Africa team for the last 7 years. Euan has been choosing to donate his outgrown prosthetic legs to the charity to help amputees in Africa.

The story of Legs4Africa is one of connection, kindness, and the enduring impact one act of generosity can have. Tom Williams – Legs4Africa

Legs4AFrica managed to track down the components from Euan’s  donated legs that went to a young girl in the Gambia. Her name is Wudeh.

Euan and his family decided to visit The Gambia and saw first-hand the impact of their kindness when they met with Wudeh and her family. On their return Euan told Tom:

The trip to Gambia was truly amazing. Seeing how Legs4Africa has improved the prosthetics clinic and has enabled hundreds to walk made me feel proud and happy to be part of the charity. Also, meeting Wudeh and her family was an experience I will always remember and has strengthened our bond. Euan Murray

During their visit to the rehabilitation clinic in Banjul, they witnessed the profound difference their generosity had made. The clinic, fueled by dedication and compassion, has been instrumental in transforming the lives of countless amputees, helping them regain not just physical mobility but also economic and social independence.

Amy Colquhoun remarked “it was profoundly moving to see first hand the tangible and practical benefits that Legs4Africa are bringing to Gambia. The staff at the prosthetics clinic are dedicated to improving the lives of Gambia’s many amputees and work hard to get them physically, economically and socially back on their feet“.

Tom sums up Euan’s visit from Bath to Banjul:

The story of Legs4Africa is one of connection, kindness, and the enduring impact one act of generosity can have. It’s a narrative that binds two families from vastly different backgrounds, united by the desire to make a positive difference. This tale began with a simple yet profound gesture when Euan, a young lad from Bath, reached out to donate the prosthetic legs he had outgrown. This act of kindness set in motion a journey that would not only change lives but also shape the future of our organisation.

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From Bath to Banjul - Legs4Africa

The Gambia fully deserves its “smiling coast” tagline. But in a country with so many needs, it is fulfilling to support a charity that is local, well-organised and brings both physical and mental health benefits to those it supports. Grant Murray

Read the full story of Euan’s visit

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