Fundraising Table Tennis Marathon

Simon Heaps September Update

Here is further information to a recent post about Bader Grant recipient Simon Heaps’ forthcoming Fundraising Table Tennis Marathon due to take place on the 24th/25th October.

Simon, whose goal is to compete for his country in Wheelchair Table Tennis at the Commonwealth Para Games,  is completely self-funded. With all travel, accommodation and costs to take into account, this won’t be a cheap venture and Simon’s commitment is an indication of his determination to succeed in his chosen sport and to take his talent as far as he possibly can. He hopes that his 24 hour Fundraising Table Tennis Marathon will go some way towards these costs. Please do help him if you can.

You can contact Simon if you’d like more information about this Fundraising Table Tennis Marathon using the email link beneath this post where you will also find a link to his fundraising page if you’d like to support him. This will be a very physically and mentally exhausting challenge for Simon and we wish him strength!

I will be publishing an interview with Simon closer to the date of his Marathon so keep checking in to hear more from this inspiring man.

Information sheet for Simon Heaps Fundraising Table Tennis Marathon

If you’d like to join in and support Simon, please contact him:

To inspire you to get in match form, here is an extraordinary video of Simon practicing against Sophie, an 11 year old Hungarian. An upcoming champion for sure!

And…an equally impressive video of Simon playing opposite his coach. I personally don’t know how they see the ball, let alone return it! (Oh yes – and manage to manoevre a wheelchair at the same time.) Amazing!