Invitation from PACE to Interactive Webinar

FREE Webinar 27th January @ 11:30am

An invitation from Pace Rehabilitation…

Are you a personal injury lawyer, case manager or insurer who deals with people who have sustained a serious limb injury?

Pace Rehabilitation is very pleased to invite you to register for a free and exclusive interactive webinar – alongside legal experts from Devereux Chambers and Minster Law who will discuss the advantages of collaboration, early intervention and tips and techniques to ensure legal cases run smoothly.

Insights from claimant lawyersbarristers and clinicians will be illustrated with a real-life case study and scenarios to consider.

About this event

If you have clients who have sustained a serious limb injury– this is a brilliant opportunity to glean expert knowledge on topics including:

  • Collaboration in litigation, the Serious Injury Guide and Rehabilitation Code
  • The importance of a multi-disciplinary approach to treatment
  • Liability issueslitigation and overcoming challenges
  • Timing of JSMs and issues to consider
  • Rehab lessons from the Armed Forces
  • The ‘prehabilitation’ concept in treating complex limb injuries
  • The importance of funding and provisional damages
  • Private clinics v NHS: the difference for injured patients in a post-Covid climate
  • Real life case study of patient

This webinar enables key stakeholders in personal injury claims to get a behind-the-scenes look at the ‘golden rules’ of processing a successful case to get positive outcomes for all the professionals involved – and most importantly the client.