Join reVAMP this spring!

Join reVAMP this spring
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*NEW Programme* reVAMP Starts Mid-May 2022

Last call for participants to join LimbPowers 12-week reVAMP fitness programme starting mid-May


We are running both:

reVAMP Standing programme (designed for amputees who are mobile on their prosthetics)


reVAMP Seated programme (designed for those who do not use a prosthetic, or who are starting to use a prosthetic and want to become stronger)


About: Are you looking to improve mobility using your prosthetic? Become stronger from the core and build up your endurance and strength with improved mental health? reVAMP could be for you! registrations are now open.


reVAMP is a 12-week online fitness and nutritional programme designed by amputees for amputees and people with limb differences that can be fitted around your daily schedule from home/gym or workplace

Participants have experienced the below results:

  • Stronger using their prosthetic
  • Improved mental health
  • Nutritional support
  • Healthy weight loss
  • Tone up, build muscle
  • Feel good, look healthy
  • Energised and revived

Spaces are limited. Please let me know if you would like to sign up? Or, if you have any questions concerning the programme and its suitability for you?

Here are a couple of lovely quotes from current members:

Susan Hadley

I love the format of this program. You can do the workouts in your own time and the google docs and WhatsApp support group keep me accountable! I’ve lost about 8 pounds and feel stronger and more confident exercising with my prosthetic. I especially appreciate the help I received from the reVAMP Physiotherapist adapting the workouts after my fall until my injury healed! Great program!

Martin Yoxall

I am so pleased that I came across reVAMP via a link on Instagram. The program is easy to do at home and is flexible in that you can fit it around your daily schedule. When I started reVAMP, I struggled to touch my toes and could only do three full press-ups weighing 113.5kg. Now I can easily touch my toes and do 25 full press-ups, so the fitness does happen quite quickly. My weigh-in to date is 105kg and is still decreasing. reVAMP gave me the confidence and fitness ability to enter the Brighton 10k which I did and completed with the medal, fantastic memories and official photos.


It would be fantastic to welcome you to the team!

Contact to sign up or to find out more information. 


Rebecca Legon