Junior Taskmaster

Do you know a Junior Taskmaster? A quick thinking, fun loving child who loves tackling weird challenges? If so their abilities could see them taking part in Channel 4’s forthcoming Junior Taskmaster.

Junior Taskmaster is a child-focused, family-friendly version of the award-winning Channel 4 series Taskmaster (for more information, check out the link at the bottom of this post).  The filming involves the children attempting tasks that need creative and/or intellectual skills and also taking part in studio records.

Avalon Television Limited, who contacted us about this opportunity, is a multi-award-winning production company, producing Taskmaster, Not Going Out, The Russell Howard Hour and many more successful shows. They support inclusivity and encourage and welcome applications from parents/guardian of children with disabilities.

Who can apply for Junior Taskmaster

Avalon are looking for children who will be in years 5 and 6 in the autumn term 2023 to take part. The filming involves the children attempting tasks that need creative and/or intellectual skills and participants will also take part in studio records.

  • Children with any sort of interests: music, sport, art, theatre/drama, gaming, academic subjects, tech etc.  
  • Children who enjoy tackling tasks and games in their own unique way. 
  • Children who are quick-thinking, think smart or those who think creatively, laterally or think ‘outside the box’.  
  • Children who follow the rules to the letter or those who like to bend or find loopholes in the rules.  
  • Children who are confident, fun, fearless, throw themselves into things and can stand alone without parental guidance.  
  • Children who are resilient enough to be put under the spotlight and can respond to challenges that are thrown at them. 
  • Children who are happy to express their thoughts and opinions, whatever they may be! 

Please see the Flyer for more information and contact details.


Applications can only be accepted by a parent or legal guardian and entries close at 23.59 on Friday 30th June.


Junior Taskmaster


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