Last post from Legs4Africa

This will probably be the last post I write from Legs4Africa. I write that with a heavy heart… but also huge excitement as future posts will come from STAND “We Walk Together” as Legs4Africa will become know from the end of May!

Legs4Africa has achieved a phenomenal amount since its inception and felt that it was time for a change to reflect the evolution of its journey. When we first came across it, the charity was tackling the ridiculous situation regarding obsolete prosthetics. At that time £1000s worth of  perfectly good – sometimes brand new – prosthetics were being sent to landfill, despite wishes of the owners that they be passed on for the benefit of other amputees. That Legs4Africa succeeded in that where others had failed was an achievement in itself, but their intention to use those prosthetics to help amputees in sub-Saharan Africa, where having a disability of any kind could result in ostracism and shame, was ground-breaking. Since then, they have collected thousands of prosthetic legs and components of lower limb prostheses, honed their system of collection and delivery and changed the lives of hundreds of amputees in sub-Saharan Africa. Recently they’ve expanded their area, opening up new clinics enabling them to reach more amputees across the region and now into Western Africa with a presence in the Gambia as well. These developments seemed to require a refreshed identity as Tom Williams OBE, Founder of Legs4Africa, explains below.

We’re on the brink of something monumental Tom Williams OBE, Founder of Legs4Africa

After a long period of soul searching, deep reflection and listening, Legs4Africa’s new incarnation and its ongoing direction have been decided. As Tom says

This facelift is a testament to our journey, our learnings, and the powerful conversations that have shaped us

What a whirlwind of a journey it’s been! As I’ve hinted in previous months, we’re on the brink of something monumental. Today, I am thrilled to share the essence of our collective motivation and the exciting trajectory we’re embarking upon in the coming months. 

A brand new chapter: From Legs4Africa to STAND

Yes, you read that right! From the end of May, we will proudly refer to ourselves as STAND – with the tagline “We Walk Together.” This facelift is a testament to our journey, our learnings, and the powerful conversations that have shaped us.

The decision to rebrand comes after deep reflection and listening. We’ve realised that while Legs4Africa resonated with many, it also brought its share of confusion and misinterpretations. Our aim? To eliminate ambiguity and align closer with our mission – supporting mobility and independence, with a commitment to unity, respect and collective progress.

Why the change, you ask? Because words have power. They shape perceptions, foster connections, and build the foundations of our community. “STAND” reflects our core belief in standing together, in solidarity with our global partners, to overcome challenges and celebrate achievements. It’s about embracing every step of the journey with courage, support, and a spirit of togetherness. “We Walk Together,” encapsulates our collective mission that no one gets left behind.”

(Tom Williams OBE)

Legs4Africa has always appeared to be one of the most cohesive charity teams you could come across. In the most recent update, Tom shared that

Unlike a cat on its ninth life, our enthusiasm for in-person meetings hasn’t died—quite the opposite, actually

At their latest annual general meeting, they not only dived into the depths of the organisations’s soul, but organised a workshop led by counsellor Malachy Dunne (link below) on vulnerability and trust. Apparently the experience fortified the team’s already strong bond and gave invaluable insights into the power of openness and genuine connections. I think this close teamwork has played a big part in making Legs4Africa such an effective and pro-active organisation.

As you read this last post from Legs4Africa on the DBF Website, please join us in sending huge congratulations to the charity for all it has achieved. Goodbye Legs4Africa and go well STAND! May you all Walk Together into an even brighter future.

We’ll keep you updated with progress at this very exciting time!

Last post from Legs4Africa

The Legs4Africa / STAND team. From left to right: Chris, Matt, Promise, Tom (and Bertie), Sue, Stef, Anna & Phil

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