Legs4Africa Leg Up Campaign

Legs4Africa Leg Up Campaign

We’re delighted to spread the word about the exciting Legs4Africa Leg Up campaign.

LEG UP: The biggest fundraising campaign in the history of Legs4Africa

From today until 24th December, thanks to the generosity of a long-term friend and supporter of Legs4Africa, all donations made made to the campaign will be doubled!

This wonderful charity, which has worked so tirelessly and battled through so much red tape to change the lives of lower limb amputees in sub-Saharan Africa, now has the opportunity to change hundreds more lives for the better. As little as £12 can help to get a prosthetic leg to an amputee in The Gambia. This means that, with donations doubled, if you donate £12 you will actually be helping 2 amputees to receive prosthetic legs!

Life is extraordinarily difficult for people with disabilities in The Gambia where amputees are often shunned by society and barred from certain places. There is very little post amputation support and rehabilitation meaning that amputees feel even more isolated and cast adrift. Having a prosthetic limb can make an amputee over there feel more normal and contribute hugely to their self confidence and self belief. Amputations, usually due to road traffic accidents and complications from diabetes, are sadly a regular occurrence with one major Gambian hospital alone performing an amputation every 3.5 days. Legs4Africa estimates that there are currently 4,500 amputees in The Gambia in need of a prosthetic leg and the vast majority of these will not receive any emotional or physical rehabilitation support. Here too the Legs4Africa Leg Up Campaign will help as the charity’s two main focuses alongside the practical provision of prosthetic legs are community engagement and emotional rehabilitation.We have been frustrated in the past when kind people have tried to offer obsolete prosthetic limbs to other amputees in need only to be told to send them to landfill. This seemed like the most tragic waste and we are so pleased that, through sheer determination and perseverance, Legs4Africa has found the way to give these legs a second life with another amputee. The joy they bring is obvious and a delight to see.
  Legs4Africa Leg Up Campaign

To find out more about the Legs4Africa Leg Up Campaign and to donate if you’d like to to this positive, life changing fundraising venture, please visit the Leg Up  page on their website – you’ll find the link below. You can also donate directly to the campaign by going straight to  the BigGive.

It’s easy to forget how well catered for amputees in this country are when compared to those in poorer countries. When appropriate, the opportunity is there not just for a prosthetic limb but even for bespoke limbs for sports and other uses. Post-amputation support and rehabilitation is provided and there are frequently local user groups and centres where an amputee can get support and advice. Please give generously to support those who are not so fortunate while this fantastic offer exists.

Get your donation doubled and give people in The Gambia the ultimate Leg Up

Legs4Africa Leg Up Campaign
Paul Mensah

Congratulations to Legs4Africa and a big thank you for all you do for amputees! We wish you the very best of success with this wonderfully positive and exciting campaign.

You may remember that we were contacted in February by a young amputee from The Gambia, Ebrima Susso. Thanks to a personal fundraising campaign we were able to help to achieve his dream of having a prosthetic arm and learned an awful lot in the process about how difficult life is for amputees in The Gambia. You can read Ebrima’s inspiring story and get an insight into how having a prosthetic increased his self confidence, and enabled him to move forward with his life by clicking on the link at the bottom of this post. (We will be posting a new update on Ebrima’s journey very soon…)

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