Legs4Africa New Year Update

Legs4Africa New Year Update

It’s always a treat to hear from Legs4Africa who are doing so much to change the lives of amputees in sub-Saharan Africa and here is the Legs4Africa New Year Update!

This amazing charity never rests on its laurels but is always looking to expand the help and support it offers and to widen the geographical areas it can reach with that support. It is always exciting and uplifting to hear of their new ventures.

Legs4Africa New Year Update

Hope this message finds you well as we step into another chapter of our journey! As we kick off 2024, I had a heartening update from our friends at ‘Karma on the Road‘. They’ve been on an exhilarating motorbike expedition, spanning Europe and Africa to reach Ghana, meeting our partners on the West Coast, and finally arriving at the Orthopaedic Training Centre, Nsawam, Ghana (see a few pics below).

Their expedition symbolises the transformative voyage our rescued prosthetics undertake, from their origins to the lives they touch.

Just as the arrival of a new year signifies a fresh start, their journey mirrored the potential for transformative change. It’s fascinating how the smallest moments; a journey, a sunrise, a shared conversation, can reinforce or reshape our perspective.

How does it resonate with your aspirations for change?

Sometimes, the most profound messages are woven into the tapestry of everyday experiences.

Wishing you a year filled with moments that inspire reflection and curiosity,

Warm regards,

Tom Williams OBE


Registered Charity Number 1158697

Legs4Africa New Year Update

Legs4Africa New Year Update

You can get more information about Legs4Africa’s achievements by following the link at the bottom of this page to previous posts on the DBF Website.

(There will be some more exciting news to follow too! Keep checking in…!)

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