LimbPower October Newsletter

LimbPower October Newsletter

Well – another action packed newsletter! The LimbPower October Newsletter is, as always, bursting with positive stories, news, events, workshops and more…

LimbPower support amputees, individuals with limb difference and their families to bridge the gap between hospital rehabilitation and community and school engagement to rebuild lives and improve physical, social and mental well-being.

One of the great new developments for LimbPower is that they have joined World Abilitysport:

Another Gap in the Pathway Filled! LimbPower

They have now become a registered member of World Abilitysport, an international sports organisation dedicated to expanding opportunities for athletes with physical disabilities. This means that LimbPower will be able to register and support limb different athletes for participation in global sporting events, which is a great milestone for this very pro-active charity. LimbPower already does so much to encourage people with limb difference into sport, such as their “Prepare to Move and Prepare to Run” workshops, which feature in the Newsletter, and this exciting new development means that they can now support those athletes all the way to the top.

World Abilitysport is one of the founding organisations behind the Paralympic Games and play a pivotal role in fostering Para sports worldwide. The organisation also contributes to the growth of athlete programmes in emerging nations offering expertise and guidance, and actively participates in the World and Youth Games. Just imagine, this means that a limb different youngster could start with a LimbPower sports workshop, progress to taking part in the LimbPower Junior Amputee Games and then be supported all the way to Paralympic Games level. This is a great step forward for LimbPower and well deserved accolade for all their hard work and dedication.

There are plenty of other delights featured in this exciting LimbPower October Newsletter, from Book Clubs to Zipwires with Raffles, O2 Climbs and more in between!

You’ll find a link to the LimbPower October Newsletter below. It’s a great read – enjoy it!

DBF is proud to support LimbPower and congratulates them on their new association with World Abilitysport. We are full of respect for this dynamic and totally committed charity.

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