Manfit – First User Profile: Ron’s Story

Featured Bader Grant Recipient of the Month, MANFIT (Manchester Amputee Fitness Initiative), kindly promised to provide us with individual stories of some of their users and here you can meet our first candidate, Ron.

My name is Ron. I am 77 years old I had my left leg amputated above the knee at the age of 11 when I was hit on the knee by a cricket ball and developed a tumour. I still love the sport and as a teenager scored for my local team.

I left school at 15, went to work in a drawing office where my friends introduced me to golf and played for 25 years until my second child arrived and my time disappeared and when the third one arrived that was the end of golf.

As a family we all went swimming.

At 58 I retired from BT drawing office, it was nearly 10 years later when I joined MANFIT in June 2007. I have always enjoyed statistics and kept a record of all my visits. I have attended the gym 416 times. I have met some good friends over the years and sadly some no longer with us.

We meet and encourage each other and have a good laugh, the gym staff have been very helpful and the college staff welcoming, it’s a pleasure to go.

I also swim with a MANFIT group and have been 375 times to the Aquatic centre in Manchester.

All this has been arranged by Margaret Tyson who I would like to thank for all her hard work involved securing the outside funding.

I am in good health due to my activities and have a nice circle of friends.

We’re very grateful to Ron for sharing his story and delighted to hear that he’s doing so well and clearly enjoying all the facilities MANFIT offers. Keep checking in for more MANFIT user profiles…

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