Manfit – Second User Profile: Bill’s Story

As you’ll know, our current Bader Grant Recipient of the Month, MANFIT (Manchester Amputee fitness Initiative) kindly agreed to send us personal stories of some of their users. We met Ron last month, now you can see how gym trainer, Bill Shone, became involved…

Bill Shone’s (our gym trainer) story

Here’s Bill Shone, Manfit’s gym trainer! He’s a great trainer and doesn’t allow me to interrupt him when he’s showing our lot the best exercises and machine positions!  Dr. Margaret Tyson MPHe

Manfit's gym trainer, Bill Shone
MANFIT’s gym trainer, Bill Shone

My name is Bill Shone, I’m a Personal Trainer and Strength/Conditioning Coach.  Margaret Tyson approached me through REPS (The Register of Exercise Professionals) to supervise the gym sessions as I have qualifications in adapting exercise for low to medium risk health conditions and in active ageing, both of which are relevant to the MANFIT group.

The Friday sessions are great to be involved in and there’s a really good atmosphere.  The group do quite a wide range of exercise, usually following a circuit including range of motion, cardiovascular and resistance exercises.  I do 1:1 work with several members of the group, largely focusing on functional exercises using stability balls, bands, light weights and medicine balls.  It’s great to see new exercises being tried and progressed over time.

I look forward to the MANFIT sessions on a Friday morning.  It’s always good to see new faces and I’d encourage anyone in the area to get involved with them.


We’re very grateful to Bill for sharing his story and look forward to meeting more of the MANFIT users in due course.