Meet Miranda and Kismattu

Meet Miranda and Kismattu

I was delighted to be contacted by Miranda, who wanted to bring our attention to her yoga teaching, which she practices both online and in person, and her range of adapted clothing.

Miranda was born with one arm and initially struggled with self-image. However, with huge courage and determination she managed to turn her life around and create something positive not just for her but for others living with limb difference. Her example will also inspire other people who may have thought that their limb difference precluded them doing activities like yoga to realise what is possible and achievable. As Miranda herself found and now helps others to find; healthy adaptations are possible within yoga practice for people with limb difference. This is one of the things she hopes to impart through her Yoga teaching.

Kismattu, the name of Miranda’s clothing line comes from the word Kismet, which translates to Destiny / Fate and this philosophy relates very much to the way Miranda lives her life, largely following her intuition. So – meet Miranda and Kismattu!

Meet Miranda and Kismattu
Miranda demonstrating an anatomically adapted Yoga handstand pose




Do we create fate or is destiny written? 

Growing up with one arm in the environment I did lead to me having a serious lack of self-esteem which lead me to making a lot of bad decisions as a young adult. 

When I started turning my life around, I found out all the years of living off balance has caught up with me. My back pain was bad and the doctors had given me pills I didn’t really want to take for the rest of my life and someone mentioned yoga to me. I had already started doing mindfulness, healthy eating and had started the gym and had found it so helpful with my mental and physical health.

I always find it awkward going to new places, because it means going through the whole arm conversation again, but it’s something you get used to over time. I said to the teacher at my first yoga class just teach and I’ll adapt, what I didn’t know at the time was my adaptations were actually incorrect and could have caused more damage over time. Every class I had done until I started my Teacher Training was in some way wrong, my teachers had been wonderful but they didn’t know how to adapt to my needs.

My back pain has now completely gone, and this is why I am committed to becoming a yoga therapist so I can adapt to people’s individual needs. As we know not one size fits all but we can work with what we have and most importantly learn to love the body we were given. 

When I was in my teens, I would wear jumpers in summer to hide my arm, the thought of having it on show made me feel physically sick. Drinking allowed me to overcome this, however it obviously didn’t end well and was really not the answer to my problems, if fact the very opposite. Through all the inner work of meditation, yoga and other helpful tools I picked up along the way I learned to love my body and embrace my uniqueness.

I have now created a clothing line that aligns with the new me, that doesn’t allow me to hide the best part of me, because if it wasn’t for my arm I wouldn’t be who I am today. 

My goal is to inspire others to love the body they have through the actions they take, and the clothes we wear. Fashion and yoga go hand in hand, they are an expression of self-love and to me that is the best feeling in the world. 

Created or written, I don’t know but I’ve learnt to love the journey with all its ups and downs. 


I learned to love my body and embrace my uniqueness

Kismattu – Miranda’s Line of Adaptive Clothing

Here aresome examples of Miranda’s designs for Kismattu

Kismattu – Magnetic Hoodie
Meet Miranda and Kismattu
Kismattu – Left sleeve adapted Magnetic Hoodie














Meet Miranda and Kismattu
Kismattu – Left leg adapted Trousers
Meet Miranda and Kismattu
Kismattu – Trousers


















Meet Miranda and Kismattu
Miranda hopes to teach other people with limb difference that classical yoga asanas can be adapted safely and effectively. Contact her through her website (link below) for details about her online and in person yoga classes.

Our thanks to Miranda for getting in touch and sharing her passions and her very inspiring story. Her blogs are fascinating and give an insight into the benefits of following your dreams and, not a little, having the courage to trust your instincts to get there! Read them on her website by clicking on the link beneath this post.

It was wonderful to hear from her and to see that, as well as learning to love her body and embrace her uniqueness, she is determined to improve life for others with body difference through her yoga teaching and her gorgeous adapted clothing lines.

I feel sure that we’re only seeing the start of what this amazing woman will achieve. We look forward to the next time we meet Miranda and Kismattu and will be sure to keep you updated!

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  • Kismattu – Miranda’s website where you can read her story and see and order from her range of clothing designs.