OHMI Douglas Bader Grant Update – Hemihelp Fun Day

Bader Grant Recipient, OHMI (The One-Handed Musical Instrument Trust) has sent us this update. This fantastic organisation is going from strength to strength and the Douglas Bader Foundation is proud and delighted to be able to support them.


Douglas Bader Grant Update – Hemihelp Fun Day

On Sunday 4th September, The OHMI Trust team and brass teachers from Birmingham Music Service andohmi-1r Surrey Arts attended the Hemihelp 20th Anniversary Fun day in Frensham to provide interactive instrument workshops for children with disabilities.

Over the course of the day, 38 children and their families took part in workshops on either adapted brass or adapted recorders. Each workshop was attended by both children with hemiplegia and their families. This created opportunities for families to experience playing an adapted musical instrument, and raise awareness directly with families affected by disability about the option of music as a hobby or even more.

ohmi-2lWe send our particular thanks to the Douglas Bader Grant Scheme for their generous donation which allowed the first of these workshops to take place. With the support from the Douglas Bader Grant Scheme, we have purchased 10 stands and brackets to be fitted to previously donated brass instruments. These instruments can be used in our upcoming conferences around the country, allowing us to reach many more families across the UK.

Because of this donation, we were able to offer families the chance to try out not only a trumpet, but cornet, flugelhorn, tenor horn and trombone, all with stands and brackets fitted in order to make them fully accessible for those with an upper limb disability.

It is testament to the need for these kind of access days that 3 of the students who took part in a workshop on the 4th of September expressed an interest in, and are now signed up to take part in The OHMI Teaching Pilot in Surrey, launching in a couple of weeks. Without these experience opportunities, many families would not know that there are musical instruments out there to try.


Several of the families who took part in workshops – in particular the recorder workshops, had children who were still very young, so would not be suitable for the current OHMI Teaching Pilot. However, 2 families have signed up to the OHMI recorder loan scheme, and others now know they have the option to contact The Trust again when their child is of a more suitable age to learn an instrument.


The OHMI Trust has another workshop booked in October in partnership with REACH in Glasgow, where more music workshops will be available for families attending the conference.

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To find out more about The OHMI Trust and to get details about the workshop in Glasgow in October, please go to the OHMI Website or visit the previous DBF Post where you will find information and contact details.