Onwards and Upwards into 2020 from Bader Grant Recipient, Para-Dressage Rider Richard Neumann

Grant Recipient Richard Neumann Update

Richard Neumann reflects on 2019 and is positive about 2020

Another belated post with apologies to Richard Neumann. The same thinking applied as to Mari’s 2019 recap and, for the same reason, I’ve decided to publish it now and save the further good news that I feel sure will follow this year for the new website!

Wow as New Year’s Eve approaches maybe it’s time to reflect on the year. Where to start? The year started with great news after a bad 2018, we had the privilege of acquiring my new horse Otto, we spent the next three months getting a bit and saddle suitable for him, when we got him he had a few issues that needed to be dealt with.

When we had eventually sorted out the issue, I had surgery on a broken wrist that kept me out of action for four weeks, I returned to riding and working on the relationship we have, unfortunately I was then taken into hospital for the fourth and hopefully final operation from my injury, this kept me out for 9 weeks, on my return Otto decided the grass was greener on the other side and got his neck caught under a gate doing some muscle damage, this kept him out for 6 weeks.

At last I thought we can start to work his rehab was going ok when he cut his face playing in the field which required 12 stitches and 6 weeks rest, at last after this we could start working.

On the 1st of December we started our campaign for the summer championships we attained 60% of the points needed on our first outing, we were so pleased we could see real progress, only to be advised three days later that because some paperwork was not correct I would have those points stripped, that really epitomises my year full of incredible highs and massive lows.

What has this year taught me, I have an amazing horse with incredible potential, I know we can compete and win, and we have a blank canvass for 2020, I see 2020 as an amazing opportunity to achieve my dreams and aspirations.

Bring on 2020 and always see every situation as a potential opportunity.

(Richard Neumann, Bader Grant Recipient and Para-Dressage Rider)

Our thanks to Richard Neumann for his continued, thoroughly enjoyable updates, reports, videos and photographs. As you’ll see from the above, he and his lovely horse, Otto, have weathered their fair share of storms through 2019 and with this level of grit and determination we feel sure that 2020 bodes very well indeed. Keep watching this space!