Opportunity for Makers and Crafters

Opportunity for makers and crafters

An opportunity for Makers and Crafters is being offered by Flabbergast TV with an inspiring new programme, Make it For Market.

MIFM is described as an exciting new series giving the opportunity for makers and crafters across the country including potters, blacksmiths, woodworkers, jewellers, upcyclers and artists (it seems as though pretty much any craft will be considered) to turn a hobby into a full time business. The whole casting team are very keen to encourage inclusivity and to represent makers and crafters with a disability. The format of the series is all about helping people on their journey from turning their hobby into something that they can earn a living from, and do for the rest of their lives.

This is obviously a wonderful opportunity for makers and crafters to take their passion on to the next level where, hopefully, they can start thinking of it as a business. An exciting prospect in store and it’s always lovely to see new talent and fresh ideas coming onto the market.

Read on for information about the programme. If you’d like to take part or find out more, you’ll find the email link to contact MIFM at the bottom of this post.

(Banner Photo by Sarah Vombrack on Unsplash)

Opportunity for makers and crafters



Make It for Market is an exciting new series for all types of amateur artisans and crafters, from potters, blacksmiths and woodworkers, to jewellers, upcyclers and artists. The programme will follow a select group of amateur makers who will be mentored through the practicalities and pitfalls of turning a hobby into a business. Our expert mentors and show host will guide our amateurs through what it takes to transform their hobby into a business giving them the knowledge and opportunity to transform their lives.


Filming will begin in April 2022.


  • Each amateur crafter will be introduced to our ‘maker in chief’ and host of the series (this person is a secret for now but will be revealed soon!)
  • Each amateur crafter is paired up with a mentor suitable for them. Amateur and mentor get to know one another and our amateur shows off examples of their work to the mentor.
  • Amateur goes through a series of ‘challenges’ to see what they like, what they don’t, what they enjoy most and what kind of maker and seller they want to be
  • Challenges may include making their favourite piece, the 4-hour making challenge, a high-end make and an online challenge
  • The series culminates at the big market where our team of amateurs will sell their wares