Opportunity to take part in A Country Life for Half the Price

Lynne Cowie, a producer from Raise the Roof Productions, has been in contact with us re letting you know about what sounds like a very exciting opportunity for someone!

Raise the Roof Productions, are looking for participants for the second series of  “A Country Life for Half the Price” for Channel 5. The programme follows people making a transition in their lives – whether it is moving from one end of the country to the other for a job, moving into the country to be more self-sufficient, have more space or set up a whole new venture.  We are particularly interested in hearing from families who are feel that city living is not providing them with what they want out of life and are embarking on a new adventure in the countryside.

The programme is hosted by Kate Humble and the first series aired during April/May this year.

They are keen for the programme to be inclusive and would welcome interest from people living with disabilities. Do get in touch if  you’d like to take part or to get more information. You’ll find a contact link below the Flyer.

Good luck if you do and if you’re successful, we’d love to hear how you get on!

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