Orion3 Microprocessor Knee

Orion3 Microprocessor Knee

Some amazing news from the world of prosthetics! Blatchford has just launched the water resistant Orion3 microprocessor knee.

This incredible innovation by Blatchford will revolutionise the lives of many amputees. No longer will they have to worry that their existing prosthetic leg can’t cope with the terrain or situation they’d like to be in. You can see testimonies to this effect by 2 amputees, Ian Logue and Ben Cabbot via the links at the bottom of this post.
Orion3 Microprocessor Knee
The Blatchford Orion3
The Orion3 has been stringently tested and the device is weatherproof and fully equipped to handle the elements giving amputees life-changing peace of mind when outdoors.

Designed to deliver a superior walking experience across multiple terrains and speeds, Orion3 is a hybrid hydraulic/pneumatic microprocessor knee suitable for activity level 3 walkers, that responds in a proportionate and natural way for greater stability, and smooth, easy, comfortable walking.

Orion3 Microprocessor Knee Data Sheet

You can open a pdf of the data sheet detailing the features of this new Orion3 Microprocessor Knee by checking the link at the bottom of this post. It is certainly an incredible piece of kit and it’s easy to see how it must transform the lives of its wearers.

Press Release for the Orion3

Check out the Press Release for the Orion3 beneath this post.

Some quotes from users about the new water-resistant Orion3 Microprocessor Knee:

Orion3 means freedom. The freedom to do what I want to do, when I want to do it, without limitation.

Water has always been an issue, it’s something you would avoid. Now you don’t have to.

It takes the thinking out of walking.
It is always rewarding to be made aware of and be able to share these positive and often life-changing innovations in prosthetics. I imagine it must be a wonderfully exciting field to work in at the moment. As I’ve observed before when publishing these uplifting stories, it seems difficult to believe that not that many years ago in the scheme of things, Sir Douglas was wearing what he fondly called his “tin legs”. Not exactly flexible and definitely not light! How he would have loved to be able to try out some of these fantastic new prosthetics…
Orion3 Microprocessor Knee
Orion3 wearer, Ben Cabbot

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